Monday, December 17, 2007

2007 Snow Ball

Jenna had a big day last Saturday! After a morning spent taking the ACT test and an afternoon appointment to get her hair done, Jenna and her date, Ross White, went to the high school winter dance - the "Snow Ball". They both looked wonderful and so grown up as they left to join a larger group of seven other couples for pictures and dinner at the country club of one of the parent's before the dance. Aferward they went to another friend's house for an all-night party. Jenna had a scare on Friday night when she tried on her dress only to discover she had lost enough weight to make the bodice hang obscenely low! We tried calling several stores to see if they had the same dress in a smaller size, but were told there were none in the Oklahoma City area. Luckily for us, a seamstress we know from church was available to do some last-minute alterations and saved the day by making the dress fit perfectly. These pictures don't really show much of the dress, but it was beautiful and Jenna looked beautiful in it. It makes me sad that my girls have grown up so fast, but I'm so proud of the young ladies they have become!

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