Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dashing Through The Snow

This year we decided to spend some time over the holidays visiting with Kim's family in Omaha. Unfortunately, since I needed to be back at work on Wednesday and seeing as I refused to spend all of Christmas day in the car, we had to make it a quick trip up to Omaha on Saturday and return home on Monday - crazy, but really long enough considering the expense of staying in a hotel while we were there, not to mention the kids being bored stiff while sitting around at Uncle Doug's house or Grandma's apartment with us old folks while we reminisce and re-tell stories they've heard before and care nothing about. I was a little concerned Saturday morning when I saw the weather map on the news as we were getting ready to leave. It looked like we might be in for some bad roads through Kansas, but after listening to the forecast and looking up travel information on the internet we convinced ourselves that it wouldn't be too bad. BIG MISTAKE!!! What is normally an 8-hour trip stretched out to 11 very anxious hours ! The interstate became completely snowpacked and the blowing snow caused white-out conditions. At times you couldn't see more than a couple of feet in front of the dashboard. We saw nine accidents, dozens of cars in ditches and several overturned vehicles. Once we accidentally exited the freeway after mistaking the exit ramp for the road. Smart people would have found a place to stop and wait for the storm to blow over, but Kim was "a man on a mission" so we continued on -- often at the breakneck speed of 25 mph. For awhile I wanted to turn back, but there comes a time when it's better to keep going forward in hopes that you'll drive out of the storm rather than returning in conditions that you know are dreadful! Kristin summed it up best after waking up to the blizzard from her backseat nap. She sat up, looked around and exclaimed "Holy Crap!"

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