Friday, December 28, 2007

Goodbye Santa - For Another Year

After all the work leading up to Christmas it's hard to believe how quickly its over. But all the gifts have now been opened and the cookies have been eaten. The radio is back to its regular programing and the neighborhood looks suddenly dark after getting used to seeing all the beautifully lit houses since Thanksgiving. We enjoyed all of it while it lasted, but it seems strangely liberating to have some time to myself once again - something I can't even imagine in the weeks before Christmas. I always miss the twinkling lights when I take down the Christmas decorations, so I think I'll leave them up for a few more days. I need to get all the decorations back into their boxes and up to the attic for another year. But tonight I think I'll treat myself to a movie in the dark with the Christmas lights on and I'll totally enjoy them in peace and quiet now that the Christmas rush is behind me.

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