Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ice Storm 2007

Monday morning I woke up fully expecting an ice storm since they had been predicting it all week. I went to the living room to watch the news so I wouldn't disturb Kim who was still sound asleep. As I watched the news coverage it became apparent that this was going to be a record-breaking ice storm. Just as they were saying to expect "wide-spread power outages" our power went out. It was then that I realized I should have been busy getting things done while we had power rather than laying there watching the news! I had looked forward to a snow/ice day since I still have so much Christmas stuff that needs to get done. I even went shopping for all my Christmas baking supplies so I could get some baking done if we didn't have to work on Monday - the possibility of having no power never occurred to me! When Jenna got up we gathered all the candles we could find and we made a shrine of them on the glass-toped coffee table. It was really pretty and we both enjoyed playing a game of war (I won!) by candlelight. Later some of Jenna's friends came over and played games and worked on a jigsaw puzzle. By evening our power had been restored and the streets were more slush than ice so Kim went out and bought pizzas for us and Jenna's friends who stayed here most of the evening. We were only without power for 6 hours - I say only because many people are still without power a week later so I have no right complaining about sitting in the dark for the best part of one day. We lost a large limb off of our large backyard tree, and another smaller tree lost a branch on the roof of our shed, so we got off a lot easier than many people. It's hard to capture the beauty of the storm in a picture - everything just glistened. It's hard to believe that something so beautiful can be so destructive at the same time.


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