Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome 2008!

Happy New Year!!! I'm hoping to get myself back on track this year - that's my resolution anyway! I've been thinking about my 2008 goals and have decided to make these three things my priorities:
1. I want to take better care of myself - including more exercise, better sleep habits and of course - better eating habits.
2. I intend to entertain more. My goal is to reconnect with old friends by having someone over for dinner at least once a month.
3. I need to spend more time reconnecting with Kim too. We're only a few months away from having an empty nest and I'm feeling the need to rekindle the romance in our marriage.
I've got lots more - but I decided to keep it simple to start with and I can always add more later. I hope everyone has fun seeing the new year in and that all your best wishes come true in 2008!

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Tami said...

Martha!! I didn't know you had a blog. I'm adding you to my blog. Those are some great goals! My only one so far is getting into shape. Mind you, I didn't say diet...LOL
I'll be putting Abby in the mail today. Be on the lookout :D Thanks for buying her. Looks like I'm going to need the money. DH is laid off as of next week and we're hoping it's only for a week -- praying! Happy New Year!