Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub

Carman - in answer to your challenge here is a picture of me in the tub! And it will probably soon be deleted too! LOL

This picture cracks me up because I don't think it really looks like me at all! I promise my nose isn't usually that big but it's amazing how much I look like my Uncle Cliff in this picture! Kristin, Jenna and I all got a good laugh out of it!

What's Your Perfect Paint Palette?

Recently while serfing the web, I found a cool site that had a quiz used to help determine your perfect paint palette personality. It intrigued me because I'm getting ready to do some painting at home, and I always feel a bit challenged when trying to pick THE perfect color. The site is PPG Industries' and the quiz is based on your five senses, your interests and your favorite styles. It's a short 7-question quiz and I found it very fun and enlightening. Here is the link if you're interested in playing! My perfect paint palette was Desert Spice.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This week Tam chose "Surprise" as the emotion for our Emotions books. Jenna and I got the giggles as we looked through old photos in search of pictures that fit the Wikipedia description of a surprised facial expression.
Jenna found the picture of Kristin taken when she was about 10 years old. She said she had hidden in Kristin's closet and took the picture of her as she jumped out to sacre her. I have no trouble believing her story because there was a time when Kristin and Jenna's favorite hobby was scaring eachother. They got very creative at it until I finally had to make a rule against it because they were both too terrified to walk into their bedrooms alone. It was funny to hear Jenna cracking up as she told me about the picture though. The picture of Kim is the one that cracked me up the most. He looks so stupid! This was really fun Tam! Thanks for a great challenge.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'll Miss You Aunt Kathryn

For the second time in three months I've lost a beloved family member. My Aunt Kathryn passed away yesterday, and although I knew she was losing her battle with cancer, it still seems impossible that she is gone. I was recently asked to write a letter to Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Roger for a book their children were compiling as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. Knowing that she was dying made it a
difficult letter to write, but it also gave me the chance to express to them how lucky I was to have had them in my life. When I was growing up our family was very close-knit and I always felt very lucky to have an extended family who actually liked each other and enjoyed each other's company. I have so many happy memories of family gatherings before death and distance began to separate all of us. I'll never forget the fun and laughter that was a part of each visit, the Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving feasts, and the Saturday nights when the adults got together to play cards and the kids would fall asleep on blankets they spread out on the floor.

Last summer I was able to spend an evening with my aunt and uncle one last time. Kim and I were vacationing with my sister's family in Tennessee about 5 hours from their house, so we drove to North Carolina to spend the evening with them. They insisted on making us a big dinner and we reminisced and laughed all evening. Aunt Kathryn had seen the doctor that day and he was very concerned about her and had scheduled her for further testing. We left with a bad feeling about what was to come, but I will always be grateful that we were able to spend that evening together while she was still feeling well. Tomorrow is Aunt Kathryn's funeral and I wish I could be there. I'm sure it will be an incredibly difficult day for my cousins and my uncle, but I know they are holding onto the fact that my Aunt is in a better place where she's no longer suffering and where she's having a wonderful reunion with a growing number of loved ones. I'll miss you Aunt Kathryn.
"How lucky I am to have known someone so hard to say goodbye to."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This Week's Emotion - Happiness

This week's emotion for our small book is Happiness, but from what I've seen, this page is giving a lot of people fits and causing some frustration and unhappiness! For once, I finished my pages early. I can't wait to see what Tam has in store for us next week.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Emotions Album

Tam is leading the gals at The Creative Scrap Shack in making a small book about Emotions. The first week we worked on a cover and introduction page; This week, in honor of Valentines Day, we focused on the emotion of Love. These are my pages so far. If you click on them, they'll enlarge enough to be read (and yes - I realize I messed up on my list and added "fall" twice. I need to fix that!) It's not too late to join in on the fun! If you'd like to make your own emotions book, check out Tam's ideas and instructions at Creative Scrap Shack

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentines Day! What could be more perfect than a chance to shower those you love with some of the best things in life - chocolate, flowers, hearts, and affection? Even if you don't have a significant other in your life - everyone has a Valentine of one kind or another. Enjoy your day of love!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My February Reveal

It's February which makes this my final reveal as a DT member at Creative Scrap Shack. This month we were given a sponsored kit from 3Bugs. It was really a challenging set of papers to use - not anything I would normally pick at all - especially because my babies are almost grown up and I couldn't think of anything but babies when I saw my kit. Fortunately for me, my nephew and his wife obliged and provided me with a new baby to scrap just in time! Once I started working with the papers, I got on a roll and decided it wasn't just baby paper after all. The other layouts were done with my teenage girls in mind.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Creative Scrap Shack Sale!

Creative Scrap Shack is having a great sale through February the 8th. Everything in the store is 40% off with the exception of preorders, monthly kits, kit add ons, and gift cards. If you're interested in getting in on some great bargains you need to check it out! When you check out be sure to use the coupon code PRECHASALE to get your savings!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chaperoning Follies

Last night Kim and I chaperoned at Follies dress rehearsal and it was anything but fun! It was a VERY long night for both of us and I'm sure it was a long night for the kids too. It was hot and crowded backstage and it became a balancing act trying to make the kids behave and do what they were supposed to do without getting mean enough to embarrass the crap out of Jenna. She was actually pretty funny because she totally ignored us most of the night. When I asked her about it later she made me laugh. She said she didn't know who we'd been yelling at but she didn't want any of them to know that we were related to her. Tonight we helped serve dinner to over 100 kids. At this point they are extremely tired, but excited. Tomorrow is their first actual performance and I'm looking forward to seeing the show from the audience instead of listening to it from backstage. The talent of these kids is amazing! I just hope I can enjoy the performances of some of the little buggers who left me with a bad taste in my mouth after all the trouble they gave us last night!