Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chaperoning Follies

Last night Kim and I chaperoned at Follies dress rehearsal and it was anything but fun! It was a VERY long night for both of us and I'm sure it was a long night for the kids too. It was hot and crowded backstage and it became a balancing act trying to make the kids behave and do what they were supposed to do without getting mean enough to embarrass the crap out of Jenna. She was actually pretty funny because she totally ignored us most of the night. When I asked her about it later she made me laugh. She said she didn't know who we'd been yelling at but she didn't want any of them to know that we were related to her. Tonight we helped serve dinner to over 100 kids. At this point they are extremely tired, but excited. Tomorrow is their first actual performance and I'm looking forward to seeing the show from the audience instead of listening to it from backstage. The talent of these kids is amazing! I just hope I can enjoy the performances of some of the little buggers who left me with a bad taste in my mouth after all the trouble they gave us last night!

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