Sunday, March 2, 2008


Jenna got some really wonderful news this week!!! She was chosen for the Trustee's Scholarship at Rochester College in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The Trustee's Scholarship grants her FREE tuition for five years as long as she maintains a 3.5 gpa! We're so proud of her - not because of the scholarship, but because she's such a great kid! It's so cool that other people recognize her potential also! The scholarship was granted based on her ACT test scores, her high school transcript, letters of recommendation and an essay that she submitted. She really hasn't decided where she wants to go yet, but this will be good incentive to go to school in Michigan. I have mixed feelings. It's a great honor to have been chosen but it's so far from home and that makes me sad.

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Carman said...

Congrats...that's wonderful!
BTW MArtha you've been tagged :)