Monday, March 24, 2008

The Problem With the Easter Lilly

So - Kim surprised me with this beautiful Easter Lilly yesterday. It was so thoughtful of him and such a sweet surprise. The Problem? Nobody can stand the smell! It's too pretty to throw away, but any time anyone enters the room they start looking around for the source of the odor! At first I couldn't decide if it was a pleasant odor or a stink, but the longer I smell it I'm forced to lean towards the stinky side. I finally put the lilly on the front porch where we could enjoy its beauty from inside the house through the window, but because the temperatures are still dipping pretty low overnight, I was compelled to bring it back in for the night - now the laundry room is fairly stinky and I'm about to trash the whole thing. It's a good thing it's the thought that counts, right???


Tracey said...

I love the angle on that photo

Gina Hanson said...

Martha, those pics are so pretty! Things are just now starting to turn color here! I'm ready for Spring! :)