Monday, March 10, 2008

So Short But So Sweet

Kristin was home for Spring Break last week and the time that she was here just flew by. Her friend, Matt, helped her drive home and we enjoyed their visit so much. Matt went on the Vienna Tour in 2007 and was excited to come back to Oklahoma to see the OC friends he made on the trip. He spent most evenings with them, while Kristin met up with her Vienna Tour 2006 friends and several of her old high school buddies. She made time to have several nice lunches with me and we had lots of time to talk. How is it possible that my little girl grew up so fast? I just hate that when she's home now it's only for a quick visit, but I know that she's happy and that's the main thing. Her next big adventure is a trip to China in May! Wow - what a life!

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