Saturday, May 31, 2008

WOW - June Already!

I can't believe it's already the last day of May! Hopefully the mad rush from the end of the school year and graduation is now over and the dust will begin to settle a little bit. I finally had the chance to scrap for myself this weekend and I totally enjoyed the opportunity to have some "me" time! It had been quite a while since I had time to create a page for the pure fun of it. This is the page I did - a sketch challenge from Creative Scrappers. It's hard for me to believe this precious little girl is now my beautiful 20 year old! Of course, there are some obvious perks to our children growing up but when I look at these old pictures I have to admit it really pulls on my heart-strings! I love you Kristin!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Graduation Clipboards

This year I made clipboards as graduation gifts for some of Jenna's friends. It was a great way to use up extra papers I've had forever, as well as a blast to play with! I figured they would be practical for the kids to use in their dorm rooms next year in college. Altogether I made 18 of them using a combination of techniques including acrylic paint, crackle glaze, ribbons, Mod Podge, inking, stamping, embossing, rub-ons, and glimmer mist. Basically I used anything I could think of that would still allow the clipboard to have a relatively smooth writing surface. Unfortunately I gave several of them away before it occurred to me to take pictures of them! The real gift was the check under the clip because even though they were time-consuming to make - they still only cost 97 cents apiece and even I am not THAT cheap!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Think We're Through!

Today we wrapped up all the Senior festivities with a graduation open house for Jenna and three of her friends at the home of Dan and Robin Waugh. They have a gorgeous park-like back yard with a beautiful pool and terraced seating areas. It couldn't have been prettier! It was a bright, beautiful (HOT) day, and Jenna and her friends (Dee Ann Waugh, Leslie Moore and Evelyn Poteet) had a great time enjoying themselves visiting with all the people who dropped by to congratulate them and wish them well!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today is the Day!!!

Today was the day Jenna has been working for for the past 13 years! She was one of 437 graduates from Edmond Memorial High School class of 2008 and one of six Salutatorians. Congratulations to you on a job well done, Jenna! You have made us very proud.

More Pictures from Graduation

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jenna's Senior Banquet

I've been so busy with company and preparing for company but it's been a really fun, good kind of busy. Last week my dad, step-mom, two sisters and a niece came down from Michigan and we had such a nice visit with them. They came to attend a banquet the church gives in honor of the high school seniors every year. Each Senior (43 of them this year!) invites their extended family or special friends to attend the banquet and it's hosted by the Junior class. They consistently outdo themselves on the theme, decorations and food and it's always a very special evening - especially when you have no family who live nearby but you have 5 family members willing to travel over 1,000 miles to attend in your honor! The Senior boys conducted the Sunday evening church service, then the elders presented each Senior with a Bible and the banquet followed. There was a great slide show of the kids through the years and the youth ministers made each of the Seniors feel very special by introducing them to the crowd individually and recalling their special memories of the kids from middle school through high school. It was a very fun and sentimental evening. I loved this picture of Dad and Nell wearing with the top hat centerpieces. They're the cutest older couple ever. The rest of the time our guests were here we spent eating, shopping, eating, playing games, eating, watching movies and eating. We totally enjoyed their visit but now I need to get back on my diet!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The PACE Banquet

Tonight was the PACE (Performing Arts Council of Edmond) banquet for Edmond Memorial High School. The Seniors were recognized and the annual PACE awards were given. The food and program were very enjoyable. I totally enjoyed watching the slide show of pictures of the Seniors through the years and it was fun to hear where each one intends to go to school next fall and what their life's goals are. Jenna was one of five girls and five boys nominated by the students as "royalty" from which the annual King and Queen are chosen. She looked beautiful and felt honored to have been on the Court. The King was Matt Chancey and the Queen was Alyssa Jackson - both are Jenna's good friends and she was so happy for them!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Where Did the Years Go?

People always told me to hang onto my little girls and enjoy every minute. They said "they grow up too fast" and "these are the best years of your life." At the time it seemed like my life as the mom would go on forever. It was my new reality. I don't think I fully comprehended what they were saying until the past few years. And they were so right. Of course, it's impossible to enjoy every minute when you're in the midst of it. Sick kids, sleepless nights, bad attitudes and temper tantrums are not something to look forward to. But now that I'm almost through raising my sweet little girls, I totally understand what they were trying to tell me. Jenna will graduate this month and next fall Kim and I will be official empty-nesters. I can't say I enjoyed every minute, but overall I have to admit that the years since Kristin was born have truly been the happiest years of my life and that makes this transition a little hard for me. I'm so proud of both of my girls and I know that no matter what - my life has been blessed by their presence.