Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jenna's Senior Banquet

I've been so busy with company and preparing for company but it's been a really fun, good kind of busy. Last week my dad, step-mom, two sisters and a niece came down from Michigan and we had such a nice visit with them. They came to attend a banquet the church gives in honor of the high school seniors every year. Each Senior (43 of them this year!) invites their extended family or special friends to attend the banquet and it's hosted by the Junior class. They consistently outdo themselves on the theme, decorations and food and it's always a very special evening - especially when you have no family who live nearby but you have 5 family members willing to travel over 1,000 miles to attend in your honor! The Senior boys conducted the Sunday evening church service, then the elders presented each Senior with a Bible and the banquet followed. There was a great slide show of the kids through the years and the youth ministers made each of the Seniors feel very special by introducing them to the crowd individually and recalling their special memories of the kids from middle school through high school. It was a very fun and sentimental evening. I loved this picture of Dad and Nell wearing with the top hat centerpieces. They're the cutest older couple ever. The rest of the time our guests were here we spent eating, shopping, eating, playing games, eating, watching movies and eating. We totally enjoyed their visit but now I need to get back on my diet!

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