Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've Been a Bad Blogger

I know, I know. I've been a bad blogger lately. I usually wait to update until I have the time - but I never have the time. Anyway - here are a few pages I've done recently. Tomorrow I'm off to Michigan to visit with family and friends! I'm so ready for a break. I'll post some more pages when I get back next week.

This page was done for a Techniques class I'm taking at Creative Scrappers. I'm loving all of Natalie's ideas - she's an awesome teacher!
Tiny Dancer:

@ The Patch:

Little and Mighty:

This page was done as a "Go Green" Challenge. We had to use something we would normally throw away on our page. I painted and wove straw wrappers together and filled some of the clear wrappers with beads:


Carol A. said...

You are so rockin' these technique classes Martha..I am loving these pages. Your layout for my "Go Green Challenge" was the most creative thing I have ever seen...and so pretty too!

Oh..and guess what I bought last week? Yep...that big ole' flower punch!!! LOL!

Chris said...

very very cool pages!!!!

Angie said...

Beautiful pages as always Martha :)

Fletch said...

You are on FIRE!!!!! Beautiful pages!! Hey you need to sign up for facebook and play games with us!!!

Ashley said...

What cute layouts!

Kim in OK said...

Love them all, Martha! That pumpkin one is my FAVORITE!