Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Worrying About My Mind

Well - I'm in rare form today, let me tell you!

I got to work ten minutes late, unlocked the door and then realized I couldn't remember the alarm code! My mind went totally blank. I tried several combinations - none worked. The alarm proceeded to go off LOUDLY! I ran across the parking lot to the office owner's office (she has everyone's alarm codes) but she's out for the day today. I was finally able to reach my boss on his cell phone and he told me the alarm code which sounded vaguely familiar - and it should since I use it EVERY day - and I finally got the alarm turned off.

Of course, that was only the beginning. While I was trying to get the alarm off the secretary from the psychiatrist's office next door came out in the hall to see what was going on. So after I got the alarm turned off, set down my purse, KEYS and coat on the desk I went over to apologize to her - not realizing I hadn't unlocked the door which proceeded to close behind me! So now I was locked out in the hall without my keys, purse, coat, etc. At this point I would have turned around and gone back home if I could have, but seeing as I had no keys I couldn't go anywhere. It ended up that the building owner (who was at home) came to the office to let me in an hour after I had first arrived. In the meantime I waited for him in the psychiatrist's office next door feeling strangely at home there! Maybe I should make an appointment to see her soon!

I hope everyone else is having a better day than me!