Friday, December 25, 2009

Blizzard of 2009

For the first time in a long time we had a white Christmas in Oklahoma! The blizzard of 2009 won't soon be forgotten! Our family had planned to travel to Nebraska for Christmas with Kim's family. Early in the week we changed our plans because we could tell from the weather forecasts that, while we would have no trouble getting there, we were likely to have weather issues trying to get back home. Kristin was scheduled to fly back to Detroit on December 26th (a scheduling error that we tried to undo earlier but that would have cost us more than the price of the original ticket to change). ANYWAY . . . long story short - thankfully we decided to stay home for Christmas this year which turned out to be a good decision because the mid-west got walloped with a huge winter storm. In Oklahoma City we had 14 inches of snow, 35 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 60 mph (causing the snow to come down horizontally) and extremely low temperatures and wind chills. Power was out in some areas of the city, snow drifted on the highways causing trucks to overturn and jackknife and there were hundreds of accidents (including a 50-car pileup in one area). Cars were stuck in snowdrifts on the highways and had to be abandoned, and eventually all the interstates were closed leaving hundreds of unlucky people stranded in stores and cars all across the city. We felt so fortunate to be spending a quiet Christmas Eve snug in our warm house with our power on, eating a dinner of yummy Mandarin Chicken, and enjoying a quiet family night playing cards while watching the non-stop weather coverage on local television. The best part of the whole deal for us was that flights were so disrupted that the airlines were allowing people to change their flights at no charge so we get to have Kristin home until next week after all! Today Kim ventured out to shovel the driveway and clean the snow off Jenna's car and a guy from NBC news stopped to interview him. He appeared on the national news for about one second and he's totally enjoying his moment of fame! Ha!
What a Christmas Eve this was!