Monday, February 1, 2010

Love Me a Good Icestorm!

Thursday and Friday of last week the Oklahoma City area got hit by another winter storm. Thanks to non-stop,24-hour weather coverage (ug), we knew the storm was on its way and we were able to stock up and get ready for it ahead of time. I love it when you have no choice but to slow down and take a few days off - hate the paycheck that comes along with it, but love the unexpected free time to catch up and catch my breath. Luckily we only got about 1/2" of ice followed by 5" of snow, which was bad enough, but not nearly as much as was predicted. We never lost our power and were able to enjoy the unexpected time off. On Thursday I was very productive. I got up early, made cornbread and stew and thoroughly deep-cleaned the house. That evening Kim and I built a fire and snuggled up to watch two CLUNKER movies. Friday I cleaned dresser drawers and closets, watched tv and took a long nap. Then we watched a good movie "State of Play". Saturday I made coleslaw, cooked a pork roast and homemade dinner rolls and Jenna and her boyfriend joined us for dinner. After they left, Kim and I built another fire and watched another clunker movie. I have to admit that of the four movies we watched, the three we didn't like were all my choices. I'm on quite a roll! Kim picked the only one we liked. I had to go back to work today, but it looks like we may have more winter weather coming our way this week. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)

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Angie said...

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing time. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that picks out clunker movies. LOL