Friday, February 12, 2010

Wedding Invations

My beautiful niece, Natalie, is in the process of planning her wedding and totally flattered me by asking me to come up with a design for her wedding invitations that she and her fiance will make. For the past several weeks I've spent my evenings playing with paper while trying to design an invitation that will be pretty, economical, fit a standard sized (regular postage) envelope, and be simple enough to make a few hundred without taking months to get it done. It's been challenging but fun. Natalie received the samples in the mail yesterday - she loved them and that made it worth the effort! (Of course, at this point I don't think she has noticed the inside jokes and silly wording I used on some of the samples. She may have a different opinion when she discovers that!) Here are pictures of the front and insides of the invitation designs I came up with. The yellow one and the white one below it are made of long strips of paper (obviously the cover size in the picture is not to scale and the colors really did match in real life!) These are just samples of sizes and ideas - Natalie and Andy will decide on the actual colors and papers used and do all the hard work of putting the invitations together.


Angie said...

You did a beautiful job on all of them!

Kristin said...

Good job mommy! I like them :)