Thursday, July 1, 2010

History Repeating Itself

This page was done as a "Backporch Memories" challenge to use pictures and comparisons of two people at the same age/stage in life. I used pictures of my college graduation in 1979 and compared them with Kristin's college graduation this Spring. It was a fun challenge, but I couldn't seem to think of a way to do anything "different" with the page - I guess I'm still struggling through my creative slump.

It was really hard to get a good scan of this one - especially the journaling since it was on a transparency.

I’ve celebrated two BIG college graduations;
First, my own; and just as exciting - Kristin’s!

Both of us went to MCC (now Rochester College)
Both of us lived on Third Floor of Alma Gatewood
My Roommate: Renetta (Patton) Proffitt;
Kristin’s roommate: Jamie Proffit (Renetta’s daughter).
One of my best friends was Beth (Dunn) Rajter;
One of Kristin’s best friends is Jamie Rajter (Beth’s daughter).

When I went to MCC it was only a two-year school so I transferred to Oklahoma Christian in my Junior Year.
I lived in Michigan but went to school in Oklahoma; Kristin lived in Oklahoma but went to school in Michigan.
Kristin was very involved in Student Government, her club, newspaper, yearbook, etc. I didn’t get involved - preferring to hang out with my friends.
Kristin was a much better student than me - graduating Summa Cum Laude!

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Deb said...

I love this page!! I love the comparisons! How cool that her friends are your friends' kids!