Sunday, September 26, 2010

And A Couple More

I'm almost finished - I promise!
This page was done as a sketch challenge at Backporch Memories. The pictures were taken last year in Paris on Jenna's "Semester Abroad" trip:

And another from Kristin's Spring Break trip to Florida:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Can't Keep Up

Lately I feel like I'm always running but still come up a day late and a dollar short. I've finished several pages, but haven't scanned them and still have several more page challenges that I wanted to do this month, that I obviously won't get to. I know this is all supposed to be done for fun and I shouldn't stress over it, but it does get frustrating sometimes. So I'm just trying to go with the flow and do as many pages for the kids' albums as I can get done and eventually I hope to fill in the many gaps that come from trying to complete a lifetime of pictures with a very late start.

First - a simple page of Jenna and her best friend just acting silly. I used the picture templates at Scrapbooks, Etc. for a quick, easy page:

This page was done as a page challenge at Color Combos Gallore. We had to use the color scheme: midnight blue/black/Grey/School Bus yellow together in a page. "Goodnight Moon" was one of Kristin's favorite stories when she was little. The tag behind the photo has hidden journaling sharing what a special time our nighttime ritual was for both of us.

Shopping With Boys is just a silly layout I made using pictures from our trip to Pigeon Forge from last summer. Kim and I met my sister, Tina and her husband there for a week of vacation. Needless to say, Kim, my nephew and his best friend didn't enjoy the shopping excursions as much as Tina and I did!

Watching For Cars is another silly layout using a picture I found on Jenna's Facebook page. She and a friend went to downtown Oklahoma City on a photo shoot - I just thought this was funny. It was also another challenge from Color Combos Gallore:

"Insights" was a page challenge where we were supposed to complete a page using a memory that we didn't have pictures for. I've included the journaling below.

Sitting on the dock with our feet in the water, I was complaining to mom about my frustration of being a stay-at-home mom, how hard it was to deal with kids all day and how unfair that at the end of the day Kim always came home to a hero's welcome. He got to eat lunch out, talk to adults and shmooze with clients; while I was at home doing laundry and housework and dealing with boredom, snotty noses, bickering, dirty diapers and tantrums. It was so unfair that Kim was the fun one that the kids were so excited to see when he walked in the door at night. I talked about how frustrating it was to try to cook dinner every night while the baby cried for me to hold her. I was afraid to try to juggle her while stirring hot pans of food. Kim tried to help, but she continued to scream for me leaving Kim frustrated, the baby frustrated and me frustrated. After raising six kids while dad worked two jobs, I'm sure mom knew exactly how I felt, but she just listened without saying a word. She then gave me a piece of advice that changed my attitude. She said in a very loving tone: "I think that you will be much happier when you accept the fact that motherhood is not fair. You are the mom - you are on the hook.It's not ever going to be a 50/50 proposition. But hang in there because it's all worth it."

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Well - it's been awhile

Last weekend I went to a retreat at the Scrappin Pad and had a really good time. I finished several pages for challenges so I'll just go ahead and add a few here and post more this week when I have a chance. Good times!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jenna. This page was done as a color challenge at Color Combos Galore. We were using kraft/pale pink/black and white - don't you just love that precious face!

These pictures were of Kristin and her girlfriends on their Florida Spring Break Trip. (She's going to add the journaling):

This last page was done as a challenge documenting the most influential person in your life. We also had to use our own handwriting, a circle somewhere on the page, paint and stitching. The journaling is below:

(Mom was the best! Not a day goes by that I don't think about her - and miss her. Sometimes the realization that she's gone hits me with a wave of sadness, but more often I think of her when I recall a funny memory or hear myself saying something she would have said. Nowadays those memories are more comforting than painful, but even though it's been thirteen years since her death, there are still occasional painful days - especially on her birthday or Mother's Day. I wonder if that's something I'll ever get over, but I think that in reality there will always be a mom-sized hole in my heart that will always remain. And yet I know even when it hurts, that the Lord blessed me to have given me a mother who was such a wonderful influence - a fun-loving woman of wisdom, a great role model who loved me unconditionally. How lucky am I!)