Saturday, September 4, 2010

Well - it's been awhile

Last weekend I went to a retreat at the Scrappin Pad and had a really good time. I finished several pages for challenges so I'll just go ahead and add a few here and post more this week when I have a chance. Good times!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jenna. This page was done as a color challenge at Color Combos Galore. We were using kraft/pale pink/black and white - don't you just love that precious face!

These pictures were of Kristin and her girlfriends on their Florida Spring Break Trip. (She's going to add the journaling):

This last page was done as a challenge documenting the most influential person in your life. We also had to use our own handwriting, a circle somewhere on the page, paint and stitching. The journaling is below:

(Mom was the best! Not a day goes by that I don't think about her - and miss her. Sometimes the realization that she's gone hits me with a wave of sadness, but more often I think of her when I recall a funny memory or hear myself saying something she would have said. Nowadays those memories are more comforting than painful, but even though it's been thirteen years since her death, there are still occasional painful days - especially on her birthday or Mother's Day. I wonder if that's something I'll ever get over, but I think that in reality there will always be a mom-sized hole in my heart that will always remain. And yet I know even when it hurts, that the Lord blessed me to have given me a mother who was such a wonderful influence - a fun-loving woman of wisdom, a great role model who loved me unconditionally. How lucky am I!)

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Jenelle said...

Beautiful as always Martha. Love the pic of Jenna in the first one, just adorable.